We Took The Challenge…Have You?

Yep, the Cogills have had several buckets of ice water dumped on our heads at this point, but this was our favorite, accepting the #ALSicebucketchallenge, happily completing the task on a very balmy Dallas day (we should dump buckets of ice water on our heads all the time…it is actually pretty refreshing.)

Now, to all who haven’t gotten in on the action, do it! And, while you are donating to ALS and the incredible research they are doing every day, consider giving a small donation to Charity:Water (my personal favorite) or Water.org or ImagineH2O.org. Water is our most precious commodity and yet we rarely think of it. Sure, I would be happy drinking wine instead of water all day, but I don’t want it to be my only option. Think about it, step up to the challenge and give.
Hayley and Gary


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  1. Way to go Cogills. Besides being so cute, you are so involved in doing something good for the environment like Charity:Water. Good for you. …oh, thanks for not challenging me. I’ll take ice cubes all day..in my glass.


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