We’re Toasting: YODA!

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Who knew my furry child could bring me so much joy, laughter and happiness. I adopted Yoda almost 8 years ago, not really knowing what I was in for, or, with my extensive travel schedule at the time, having time for a pet.

The first day he ate the front door to my apartment. The second day he destroyed the plethora of pillows I had added to the gigantic crate I had to buy to prevent any more door fiascoes.
Happily we then found a wonderful doggie day care.

yoda dogyoda laughing







Today my little punkin turns 9….9….and though he isn’t the pup he once was he is still feisty as ever, growling at his mama because I give him too much love, and then curling up in a cozy ball filled with kisses when it is time to go to sleep.


Yoda is more than a pet, he is what made me realize many years ago that I needed to stop going on bad dates and stay home with my dog. And who knew upon first meeting that Gary was destined to be his papa.







Cheers and puppy kisses little man, you are well loved.


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  1. Yoda is probably the best thing to ever to happen to you…bG (before Gary). He has been a great companion and, unknowingly, given you a major purpose in life. He’s not just a ‘puppie’ but a friend. Friends don’t have to be human, and, God knows, a lot are not, but, he is true to you. THAT is a friend. So, big chewstix to you little man.


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