We’re Toasting: Holiday Gifts on The Broadcast

Happy Holidays! And happy shopping. We know you are looking to find some unique prizes this holiday for your friends and family, and if you have wine lovers in the mix, finding their gifts just got a little bit easier. This morning I shared a handful of perfect holiday gifts for your wine lover on The Broadcast. Details on each are below. Cheers to easy shopping!

For those that always want a bubbly – and a gift –

  • Clicquot Mail from Veuve Clicquot $50 at Dallas Fine Wine and Spirts and PK’s. – The mailbox comes with an adorable gift card and the mailbox container also helps keep the wine chilled for up to 2 hours.

For a great hostess gift –

  • Rabbit Bottle Stoppers – $5-$8 each, available at Metrocane.com with your favorite holiday wine, and make the bottle something you like or with a personal story, as they will likely not open it that night. Make it something special to say thanks

For the constant hostess who always forgets to open the wine in time –

For the hostess who forgets to chill her wine –

  • Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe – $50, available at Metrokane.com – Keeps pre-chilled wine cold for 90 minutes or more, or chills un-refrigerated wine to drinking temperature in minutes by filling the stainless steel ice chamber with ice, pouring your wine into the carafe and adding the chamber

For the wine connoisseur –

  • Rabbit Classic Wine Opener, $50 available at Metrokane.com and Dillard’s – classic, timeless and always appropriate for any wine drinker from novice to connosseur. Rabbit preservation gift set and opener available for $30 at Macy’s for Black Friday.

For the cook who cooks to drink, who likes to cook –

  • Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon ($55) and Jordan Estate Olive Oil ($29), available via their website – a bottle and a bottle. I love to cook for the whole celebration of it, and love to use high quality ingredients. A bottle of Jordan Cabernet will please any guest; add in a bottle of their incredibly fresh and grassy olive oil from their estate and you will be well love

For the gourmand –

  • A New Napa Cuisine” by Chef Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood, $32 at amazon.com, I am such a fan of Chef and his whimsical cuisine. His first cookbook takes his modern technique and farm to table philosophy and makes it approachable and delicious.

For the stylish –

  • Wine Texas T-Shirt ($25), Prophets of Smoked Meat Texas T-Shirt ($25) and Texas City Tote ($9) from Tumbleweed TexStyles, Art and Marketing teachers in Frisco, these two Texas educators Brian Wysong and Jeb Matulich, who replicate their love for Texas music, art, design and fashion in apparel and home decor products with Tumbleweed TexStyle, started in 2011 and carried in boutiques throughout the state or via their website.
  • *If viewers enter “THEBROADCAST” at checkout, they’ll receive 20% off any apparel, gear or glassware