The Best Film of the Year Paired with an Iconic Rutherford Cabernet

Rutherford dust never tasted so good as when paired with a stellar West Texas film.

Cogill Wine & Film

hell or high water

This week’s “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” podcast on reVolver Podcasts, we discussed two big films, one great the other not to much, and pair with big wines, and thankfully both are great. We posted earlier this week on “Ben Hur” paired with wines from Golan Heights Winery. Now, on to what Gary calls the best film of the year so far, “Hell Or High Water” staring the incomparable Jeff Bridges, with Chris Pine, Ben Foster and some very funny waitresses. Pairing with this West Texas film that made me very thirsty, an earthy, dusty Rutherford Cabernet from Napa Valley, Inglenook.

More on both below.  And, listen to our podcast here, just click “Episode 9,” or subscribe through iTunes or Google Play Music.

The Film: “Hell Or High Water”

“Hell Or High Water” is the best adult-minded film so far in 2016. A West Texas crime story…

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