“Wiener” Meets Trump on Part 2 of This Week’s Wine & Film Podcast

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Part two of this week’s “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast on reVolver Podcasts Gary gets into the mind of former New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, and the documentary about his run for mayor of New York in 2013. And, the most appropriate pairing for the well made film, about a complete narcissist has to be Trump Wine. Our thoughts on both below.

To listen to this week’s show, follow the link here, and click “Episode 10.”


The Film: “Weiner”

“Weiner,” is the Oscar level documentary that follows the life and times of former New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner,” who served 7 terms as an outspoken Democrat, but resigned in 2011 in the middle of a well-publicized sexting scandal. So what did the politician with an unfortunate name do? Two years later he resurfaced as a candidate for NYC mayor and wouldn’t you know it, there he was, caught…

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  1. Heard he was running with Eric Holder, new ticket Wiener/Holder
    any truth to that?????


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