Xinomavro Pairs with “Manchester By The Sea” on This Week’s Podcast

Cogill Wine & Film

Part two of our chat this week on our “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” Podcast on reVolver Podcasts, Gary digs into the heart-wrenching film “Manchester By The Sea,” that I found pairs perfectly with an earthy, gritty, dense and tannic Xinomavro from Greece. A little bit more about both below.

To listen to the show, just follow the link here and click “Episode 24.”


The Film: “Manchester By The Sea”

“Manchester By The Sea” tells a heartbreaking story about how we handle grief. Not just sadness but, deep down, life changing, soul altering grief.

Casey Affleck gives an Oscar level performance as a former husband and father who lives alone in Boston and works as a plumber. He drinks, he flirts with his violent temper and mostly stays to himself, until his brother dies and leaves him in charge of his teenage nephew, played well by Lucas Hedges.

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