“Gold” & “Liquid Gold” On This Week’s Podcast

Cogill Wine & Film

This week’s “Wine and Film, A Perfect Pairing” podcast on reVolver Podcasts, highlights two new films in theaters now, including “Gold” with Oscar-winning Texas actor, Matthew McConaughey as the real life owner of a mining company and the crazy ride on Wall Street when he took the company public in the 1990’s. And Annette Bening is just about perfect in a terrific movie about a group of liberated women raising a teenage boy in the late 1970’s, it’s called “20th Century Women.”

To pair with “Gold” it seemed only appropriate to open a bottle of “liquid gold,” also known as Napa Valley’s sweet dessert wine, Dolce. A little bit more on “Gold” and why Dolce is a golden elixir, below. We will have some notes on “20th Century Women,” and the wines of the two incredible Napa Valley, female vintners I paired with this coming of age film, posted…

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