We’re Toasting: End Of The World Wine

Aloha from sunny, splendid Hawaii…the site of “missle-gate 2018.” When the notification came out yesterday morning I was alarmed  but not terrified as I had just woken up in our Big Island home and was preparing for my 10,000 steps of the morning. The alarms weren’t sounding, which may be why I was quite calm, but I also knew I was with my two loves, Gary and Yoda, in a place that we love. If this is my time, it is my time, I really have no control over that, and I love the life we have found in our short time in Hawaii. As long as I have these two I am truly content.

But, it did lead me down to the cellar, a.k.a. our downstairs bedroom closet, where we were also huddled for shelter as it is the only room in thehouse without wall to wall windows,  and pulled out a few “end of the world wines.”

Thankfully, the world not ending meant we had time to savor these beauties. But, what else would be an end of the world wine? I wish I had an Inglenook Rubicon handy, as it has always been a favorite since I really started learning about wine. Or a Miner Oracle or Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet, as both of these are very special to the two of us, and would have had extra meaning this special night as we know both Dave Miner and Bo Barrett love the Big Island as well.

However, thankfully, our delicious selections for the night included a favorite Chardonnay, Landmark Damaris Reserve, and an old 2000 Bordeaux Gary had been holding on to for years. The first, one of the best wines made by Landmark annually highlighting the best fruit from their vineyards and vineyard sources, including the home of our bottle, 2015 Damaris came exclusively from Flocchini Vineyard in Petaluma Gap, creating a lush and lively, melding earthy minerality, bright and fresh acidity and juicy tropical pineapple, banana and citrus fruit.

The later dense, 2000 Château d’Aiguilhe Côtes de Castillon layered ripe cassis and cherry with dried berry and leather for a balanced wine that surprisingly still had a lovely amount of fruit left on the palate, even after almost 20 years.

As we looked out from our lanai watching sunset with a glass I had an extreme feeling of love and gratitude. I have seen the world thanks to my passion for the grape, and now I get to sit by a beach and watch Honu play in the surf while searching the horizon for breaching whales. We are blessed. Mahalo Hawaii. Aloha.


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