Wine of the Day: Barnett Vineyards Rattlesnake Cabernet Sauvignon

You know that feeling when you enter a steakhouse and immediately smell the meaty aromas of grilling steaks, or the mouthwatering appeal of garlic and onions grilling in a pan, preparing to be married with fresh tomatoes and herbs, or the pleasure of taking in the aromas of a truly spectacular wine just before enjoying that first sip of deliciousness. That was the feeling I had when we opened the 2016 Barnett Vineyards Rattlesnake Cabernet Sauvignon ($190) from Spring Mountain. Though young, the subtly of the tannins and the finesse of the palate made this tiny production wine (about 700 cases) a scene stealer. Lush, fresh, and sophisticated, with layers of blackberry, dark chocolate, and toasted cedar. We had it paired with wood fired chicken and potatoes, not the normal accompaniment for a hearty Cab, but the elegance and balance of the wine, with the slight char on the chicken, made for a perfect pairing.