Wine of the Day: Enrico Serafino Barolo “Monclivio” DOCG

My ah-ha wine was a Barolo. To this day, the opportunity to enjoy a well-made glass of Barolo from inky, earthy Nebbiolo fruit from Northwest Italy’s Piemonte region makes my heart flutter. Enrico Serafino has been producing premium Barolo wines for over 140 years, highlighting the robust nature of the variety, producing full-bodied wines with character and age-ability. Enrico Serafino Barolo “Monclivio” DOCG ($40) is produced from a mix of fruit from various hillsides in the Barolo region from vineyards averaging 20-35 years old, blending clay and limestone soils, delivering a bold, earthy wine. The wine opens with aromas of black cherry, dried tobacco, espresso, and herbal notes, lingering on the palate with powerful tannins, kept in check with a nice note of acidity.