Update on European Wines

loire wines

We are all in luck! The looming threat of a 100% tariff on European wines, cheeses, olive oils, etc. has been removed. At least for now. Earlier this week French President Macron announced that he had come to an agreement with the White House regarding their differences on the digital tax, halting the additional tariffs the United States was preparing to place on various European products, including Champagne from France, but also still wine, cheese, high-end cookware, and so much more. The White House said they are working on negotiations, but at least for now I am hopeful this nonsense of adding these tariffs has been alleviated.

cheese case 1

Trump tweeted “excellent” to the announcement from the French. If you can take his word on it. Fingers crossed on that front.

So, if you did as I had instructed last week and bought a palate of European wines, you are in luck, now you get to drink them instead of just hold them to enjoy on very special occasions. Every day is the day for a beautiful glass of wine. Just make it a good one. What is a good one? I often say my favorite wine is the one in my glass right now. Cheers!