Wine of the Day: Grgich Hills Rose

Like any artist, winemakers are constantly reinventing themseleves, classic wineries are constantly playing with new options and new techniques to continue to grow, improve, challenge, and sometimes, simply have fun, especially with New World wineries. A few years ago Napa’s Grgich Hills did this with the introduction of their first Rose blending predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot, Cab Franc and a touch of Zinfandel from the wineries’ organically farmed estate vineyards. Initially created just as a one off wine in the winery, then a bit more went into production, then a bit more, to finally enough for national distribution, the luscious, cherry, berry, purple flowers, and watermelon. Lush and fresh, ideal for pairing with your favorite afternoon gathering, barbecue dinner, or sunset on the beach. Bonus, on their website right now, the 2018 bottling is available for $10 a bottle!