Wine of the Day: La Caccia di San Giovanni Super Tuscan Blend

Though the Tuscans love a solid Sangiovese, they also know the beauty of a blend. Brand new from the owners of Barnett Vinyeyards in Napa, and Dallas private equity-firm owner, Dean Mcfarlan and his wife, Tawney. The group loved Italy, Italian wine, and really loved the idea of creating something together in Tuscany to call their own. About 20 miles outside of Siena, they found a hunting estate dating back to the 10th Century. From there, in 2016, La Caccia was born. Today, their first release, La Caccia di San Giovanni Super Tuscan ($55) brings 100% organically grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese from San Giovanni together for a luscious, yet rustic blend. Allowing the fruit to speak for itself, embracing a non-interventionist style of winemaking, La Caccia is a harmonious blend of the two varieties, bringing the best of both together for a complete wine with character.