Wine of the Day: Wente Wetmore Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Charles Wetmore was a pioneer for winegrowing in America, specifically in Livermore Valley, the Cabernet Sauvignon loving region conveniently located about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco. In the mid-1800’s Wetmore brought Cabernet Sauvignon cuttings to Livermore from Bordeaux’s prestigious Chateau Margaux, planting the precious plants in the gravelly soils of Livermore and changing it’s wine path forever. Adapting beautifully, the variety flourished, and today is still one of the most celebrated in the AVA. Historic Wente Vineyards Wetmore Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ($35) is concentrated and complex, delivering a wine you would think costs much more than it’s modest price tag for the quality delivered. With black fruits, licorice, baking spice, like cinnamon and clove, the well-rounded wine finishes with a touch of vanilla and cedar on the lingering palate.