Wine of the Day: Maggy Hawk Pinot Noir

Anderson Valley sits about two hours or so north of San Francisco, influenced by the Navarro River and coastal breezes off of the Pacific Ocean. Still in development (though more and more wineries are moving in,) Pinot Noir vines thrive in alluvial clay soils with a good amount of acidity, ensuring concentrated fruit delivers vibrancy, freshness, and rustic earthiness. At the far end of the region, in an area usually filled with fog, Maggy Hawk Winery celebrates the gifts Mother Nature gives the region throughout their Maggy Hawk, Edmeades, and Skycrest Vineyards, creating wines that showcase the remote region with authenticity, telling the story of the difficult to farm terroir. The winery also recently expanded their offerings to include Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon’s premier Pinot Noir wine region, with esteemed winemaker, Tony Rynders taking over as head winemaker.

A pretty, delicate, and elegant, Maggy Hawk Jolie layers bright red fruit notes of strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry, melding with floral notes of dried lilac and rose, beautiful with grilled chicken, salmon, or rich pasta dishes. Slightly earthier, with almost a brooding intensity, Maggy Hawk Hawkster Pinot Noir reveals black fruit, woody thyme, wild sage, truffle, and wet leaves, making a perfect pairing with roasted mushroom risotto, pork belly, or even braised beef.





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