We’re Concerned: Functioning In Our World Today

We normally start our posts with a “wine of the day” or a “we’re cooking” headline. Today, it seems more appropriate to start with a headline that touches on the reality of how we are feeling today. Quite simply, in the matter of a week, we have found ourselves in a time of great concern. Last week I was drinking wine in Napa with my husband and my sister. Today the thought of getting on an airplane is furthest from my mind….and I spend a lot of time in airplanes.

I went to my local grocery store last night to find one six-pack roll of Charmin available for $15!!!! And, it was the only package left in the whole store. My stock portfolio and IRA, that I worked for 25 years developing, have lost over half its value. I am walking around afraid to touch anything. We are living on an island that hasn’t been affected as of right now, but tourists continue to arrive, and there is a general feeling it will be coming. We need the tourists and vacationers to keep the island operating but live with a concern of what could be brought with them. I have received dozens of emails from businesses I haven’t been in touch with for years telling me how they are dealing with COVID-19.

So, how do you function? How do you go about your normal life? How do you interact with your neighbors and friends? How do you go about your work of the day, without feeling like the world around you is quickly coming to a halt? Is it frivolous to write about drinking a great bottle of wine? Or, is it better to offer these suggestions as, let’s face it, we are all in need of a good drink right now?

I am going to take the latter, and continue to offer tasty “wine of the day” suggestions, focusing on areas and wineries that need our support right now, like the small producers and family wineries across the country who see the majority of their sales come through tasting room visits that may be canceled now. And the stellar wines of Italy. The people of Italy are resilient, and their wines are stunning. Now is the time to support both.

As we enter into the next weeks and months of living with this virus, I send hopes for good health, urging you to take precautions and just be smart, i.e. wash your hands a lot. Though dining out or going to a movie theater may not be on your to-do list these days, try to find ways to support your local businesses, restaurants, and shops. Be kind and generous to each other. Tell the people you love, you love them.

And, if ever there was a time, now is the time to drink the good stuff.



  1. You are so right my Hay, this is a time for concern and caution. Raul and I are being held hostage by a strange bug from who knows where. I haven’t been out of my house in days and Raul goes out only to find toilet paper, which doesn’t happen. We will resort to cheap paper towels if push comes to shove, but, we will survive. The world has come to a halt, so, what better time than now to raise a glass and wish everyone good luck.


  2. Your words were very well written and of comfort to me. I knew Gary a long time ago and was very fond of him. I am so happy he found his forever lady. And you are right, drink the good stuff now. Just ordered from my favorite wine company in Napa called Pangloss. They are amazing and I will be drinking it Monday or Tuesday. We visited their shop many years ago and have been drinking their wines ever since!


    • Thanks for the comment and the recommendation, I will check it out. Please subscribe to our blog to get your #wineoftheday recs. We could all use it now!


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