Wine of the Day: Flat Top Hills Rose

As we have officially entered summer (Fyi, summer started four days ago, though, across the country, temperatures have reflected summer for weeks) it is time to sip and savor Rose. Running the spectrum from the palest of pinks to rich, almost red colors, today’s Rose wines offer a wide variety of flavors, textures, and pairing ability.

With a philosophy that every pairing centers around food and family, Flat Top Hills Rose is the ideal gastronomic pairing for your favorite summer suppers. A part of the CK Mondavi family, and run by Consulting Winemaker Angelina Mondavi and Winemaker Randy Heron, Flat Top Hills refers to a favorite part of the family’s 1800+ acre estate in the Dunnigan Hills near Sacramento. Launching within the last year, and slowly trickling out to the marketplace (the pandemic slowing things down slightly) the wines, which includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose, and Red Blend, have the goal to over-deliver on quality, especially for the price point. Out of the gate, the team is accomplishing this, delivering solid, varietally correct wines with character and an affordable price point of $13 – $16 each, something we can all appreciate these days.

Super juicy, balancing with punchy fresh acidity, Flat Top Hills Rose ($13) blends Grenache and Dollceto for a wild strawberry, ripe raspberry, and even a bit of blue and blackberry fruit melding with watermelon, lilikoi, and golden mango.

For the line-up, right now this is the favorite wine to make for Winemaker Randy Herron, as the chance to create something unusual, without any kind of preconceived notion of what it is supposed to be, is what is fun. Next year’s Rose will add a bit of Carignan to the blend, giving an additional layer of depth, texture, and fruit-filled power.

In a recent Zoom chat with Randy and Angelina I had the chance to hear the story behind this new project. Without doubt, these two have passion, a key trait needed as the wine biz isn’t an easy one in great times, but even more so during a pandemic. Launching a new brand right now adds a slew of additional challenges. However, they are taking this as a learning opportunity, and like any agricultural business, the vines don’t stop growing just because of Covid-19. I look forward to seeing how the brand continues to grow. Right now they are producing 35,000 cases total, a solid amount with wide distribution across the states.