We’re Cooking: Gary’s Baked Beans and Truffle Mac and Cheese

These oldies but goodie always satisfy. In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, two crowd-pleasing recipes that are always a hit. Gary made his beans the other evening and wowed a few friends we had over. Once again, the favorite dish of the night. #cheers


beans 2

raul and garyOur Christmas night jam this year was somewhat epic…and I don’t use the word “epic” lightly, but thanks to Robert and Rachel, Raul, Larry and Don on guitars, incredible drumming by Gene, and Gary on the piano and his very special harmonica the night was truly spectacular.  Thank you all….

We may have had a slight competition on the table between Gary’s spectacular baked beans, the main attraction for many guests every year at the party (like they come specifically for Gary’s beans) and this year, my earthy, hearty, gooey, rich truffle mac and cheese. I will say, the palate’s in the room may have put my mac and cheese on top of the taste test this year. I have posted both recipes before, but in honor of one epic night, always one of our favorites every year…here they are again. So tasty…so indulgent….so good…happy new year.



Truffle Mac…

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