Wine Of The Day: Ad Vivum “Sleeping Lady Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon

Derived from a combination of Latin words, Ad Vivum Cellars in Napa Valley celebrates the culmination of a life well lived where wine and life come together. Started by celebrated Napa Valley winemaker Chris Phelps (Dominus, Caymus, Inglenook), bringing the premium Cabernet Sauvignon fruit of the Sleeping Lady Vineyard near Yountville in Napa to the bottle. As proven in the wines he has produced throughout his career, Phelps has the unique ability to capture the essence of place in each of his wines. Understanding the quality he found in the fruit from the Sleepy Lady Vineyard, he knew he had to find a way to make it shine, thus beginning his Ad Vivum project in 2007.

The name came together after Phelps had an accident in 2005 where he was struck by lightning, and came out ok. Surviving the incident, brought his passions to the forefront, along with the power of Mother Nature, helping him find the name for his winery project. Ad (toward) and ViVum (Vivere, meaning to live and Vinum, meaning wine) brings wine and life together.

Ad Vivum Sleeping Lady Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ($175) is a highly textured, concentrated expression of classic Napa Valley Cabernet, wrapped with passion and soul. Dense and fleshy, with blackberry, lilac, ripe cherry and cassis, sweet licorice, and leather.