Wine of the Day: RIFF Pinot Grigio

Crisp, clean, fruity, and completely summer-ready, RIFF Pinot Grigio high altitude vineyards in Italy’s Veneto region is the bottle you should have in your fridge all season. Produced from fruit grown in an area that today is the Northern Italian Alps, but 220 million years ago was covered in water with an ocean filled with coral reefs. Today, these fossils are the backbone of the wine. Vineyards dot the landscape of the mountainous region, lending an intense minerality to the fruit produced, which Alois Lageder, one of Alto Adige’s leading producers, captures. They allow the terroir to speak through their selections, naming the wine RIFF, Italian for reef.

Sustainably produced from organic fruit, certification in the US on the way, RIFF Pinot Grigio ($18) melds juicy lemon-lime, honeydew, and tangerine with crushed stone, a touch of wild herb, and a bit of creamy honey thanks to a few months of aging on the lees (yeasts). Pair this pretty wine with summer pasta, big summer salads, and grilled shrimp or scallops.

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