We’re Toasting: National Relaxation Day

Let’s face it, we are all feeling the same these days. Tired, worried, stressed, confused, angry…. To say the least, 2020 isn’t really shaping up to be the year many of us hoped it would be.

Though Gary and I live on an island, a beautiful island will all the elements needed to live a life of relaxation, this year hasn’t brought as much careless whimsy as we would have hoped.

So, today we will change that and, in honor of National Relaxation Day, I recommend taking the day and do something for yourself (while social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands, etc.)

Take a walk or go for a hike; lounge by the pool or jump in the ocean; indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure or splurge on a bottle of ridiculously expensive Champagne or the pair of shoes you have been eyeing since pre-COVID 19; binge-watch “Below Deck” or your “Real Housewives” of choice, or non-stop golf or basketball or hockey, or all, back to back to back with your feet-up, a cold beverage, and lots of air-conditioning on.

Mainly, do something for yourself, that you love, without guilt or regret.


And, tonight, open that special bottle of something you have been holding on to for a special occasion because the best occasion out there right now is a day of self-care and, yes, relaxation. We raise our glasses high, toasting to a better end to this year than the last few months have brought.

#Cheers #stayhomestaysafe #wearamask



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  1. Well I couldn’t be more relaxed if I tried. Needing action but loving the laziness. Raise one for me. XOXO


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