We’re Toasting: The Delicious Restaurant at Meadowood

Me with Meadowood Chef Christopher Kostow

Reblogging this post after just hearing that Meadowood has burned in the #GlassFire. My heart is breaking. Gary and I have had such incredible times at the beloved resort, from fine dining to cocktails in the bar by the fireplace, to cozy, romantic stays in one of the cabins. Relaxed, yet uber-refined, Meadowood defined wine country luxury. Our hearts go out to their team. We are praying for you, and all of our friends in Napa.


Coal Roasted Abalone with Smoked Eggplant and Pepper Coal Roasted Abalone with Smoked Eggplant and Pepper

I haven’t cooked for the past few weeks, traveling in and out of town has led to spinach salads and hummus with naan bread when I am home. But I did have a chance to enjoy one of my favorite dining experiences while in Napa Valley recently.

Three Michelin starred Restaurant at Meadowood, led by the talented Chef Christopher Kostow, ignites the imagination and tastebuds with clever, creative and very fresh takes on modern and classic flavors. I had a chance to dine at their 3 course bar tasting when Gary and I were in Napa in July, and again recently when I was out in Napa on a girls trip. Though several of the tasting items were the same from July to October, which surprised me a bit as I thought they would have transitioned from summer into fall…

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