Happy Birthday Daphne!!!

A lady never says her age, but today my fabulous sister, Daphne, turns a significant age, and today deserves all the grandeur that comes with that.

My sister knows how to live!

She is the brightest light in any room, filled with sparkle and shine. With luster and brilliance in her heart, and a glow you can see for miles, she is ready to blow fairy dust into the crowd, making sure everyone is having as much fun as she is.

She has the braveness of a lion, a heart of gold, and the eyelashes of a muse, beguiling her one and only, Matthew. She lives believing, celebrating, and spreading the truth that love is love is love is love.

And though I wish I could be with her today, raising many glasses, sipping Champagne, and enjoying caviar like the fancy do, especially on occasions as special as this one, I am with you in heart and spirit.

We send you the most love, joy, and aloha from our little corner of paradise.

I am glad you were born. You are well-loved. #Cheers


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  1. Hayley, that was beautiful. How proud can I be of my two exceptional daughters. I celebrate you both everyday. XOXOXOX


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