Adiós 2020, Aloha 2021!!!

I think we can all agree 2020 was not the year we had hoped for. No matter what side of the fence you fall politically, socially, economically, the year was difficult for all. But, even as we welcome an end to the chaos, I can still reflect on the good that happened this year.

The world learned how to work smarter, and though in person anything is always preferred, the ability to use online tools like Skype and Zoom brings new light to what has sometimes been rather impersonal conference calls in the past.

Though I am desperate to get on a plane and visit anywhere, the need to travel for a meeting has been altered, as we can not look at someone in the eye, via a computer screen. Perhaps Jason Reitman had this figured out a while ago when he made “Up In The Air,” but maybe now we will travel for the joy of relaxation and not always the stress of work.

And, I have had more time with my sweet family. (Yoda is completely spoiled, and not too pleased with our return to work.) Though I may have gained a few covid pounds and gone a little stir crazy at times, over the course of the 8 months we were rather locked down, Gary and I reconnected and strengthened the bond we cherish. I hope you have found that peace and joy with your families and loved ones. If this year has taught us anything, it is that time is precious and family is everything.

So, as we look forward to a new year, with hope and joy in our hearts, we raise a glass to what has been and joyfully exhale into what will be. #cheers #wearamask


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  1. You always manage to put a positive twist on everything. So long 2020 and good riddance. Cheers


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