Wine of the Day: Flybird Margaritas

Yes, you heard me correctly, today’s wine of the day is actually a margarita. But yes, it is also a wine. Flybird Margarita ($15/750ml) is produced in Tequila, Mexico from 100% Mexican agave wine, along with other real ingredients that I can pronounce, like water, strawberries, lime, cane sugar….unlike some pre-made, ready to drink cocktails that have a list of ingredients that were likely crafted in a lab vs. by Mother Nature. Also unlike some ready-to-drink cocktails, Flybird isn’t cloyingly sweet or pungent, allowing for the enjoyment from the first sip to the last.

Flavors include Baja Lime Margarita, Strawberry Margarita, Passionfruit, Paloma (my favorite), and more. Though they are made with wine, the alcohol is still significant, 15%, but not as high as many tequila-based cocktails, and the ease and convenience make Flybird the perfect pair to sip pool or beachside.