Wine of the Day: Lanson Le Black Label Brut Champagne

I love today, it is one of my favorite days of the year, every year. The men’s final for the Wimbledon Championship. I remember that final in 2008 with Federer and Nadal that lasted all day. Yoda kept looking at me with a “mom, it is time to go out” look, and I couldn’t pull myself away. Gloriously, Rafa emerged with an amazing win, impressive for the player who prefers to clay to grass.

As you prepare for the day, the perfect beverage for Breakfast at Wimbledon is, of course, Champagne. So consider the official Champagne for The Championships, Wimbledon, Lanson Le Black Label Brut Champagne. For over 40 years Champagne Lanson has been a part of the tournament, celebrating bringing people together and the love of the sport.

Founded in 1760 Maison Lanson, the sparkler also became the official Champagne of the Royal English Court under Queen Victoria, a distinguished honor the wine still holds today. At the heart of the Champagne, is the Lanson Cross. Created when the founder’s son fashioned the symbol after the Maltese Cross. The son was a member of the Hospitaller’s Order of Malta (the oldest charity worldwide, founded in 1048), and the Lanson Cross has stood as a representation of openness, kindness, and hospitality since its adoption.

Lanson Le Black Label Brut Champagne ($50) is a blend of 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, and 15% Meunier from 100 villages throughout Champagne, and includes 30% reserves from 10 vintages dating back to 1995. With expressive elegance, this is the ideal sparkler to toast The Championships, Wimbledon, Champagne Sunday, or really any day. #Cheers