Wine of the Day: Attems Sauvignon Blanc

Happy September! If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the world these days between Covid, Ida, fires, and floods, not to mention stepping into the warmest part of summer in many areas, then relax tonight with a refreshing pick me up from one of the most beautiful places on earth, Italy.

When we think of the typical white wine from Italy, our mind often goes to Pinot Grigio. However, the captivating vineyards of this beautiful country grow much more than just the food-friendly, easy-going selection. Over 300 different varieties in fact, including an international favorite and noble variety from their friends across the border, Sauvignon Blanc. However, Italian Sauvignon Blanc is nothing like those of the French, or really anyone else, as the essence of the Italian spirit shines through in all wines, including this citrus and sunshine-filled beauty.

From Northeastern Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia, Attems Sauvignon Blanc ($20) shines sharing the story of the land. Living by the belief that the history, the soil, and the wine are intertwined and one and the same. Historic ledgers show viticultural land in the Collio region had been owned by the Attems dynasty dating back to 1106! Today the celebrated Frescobaldi family users the historic estate into the future, honoring the past while advancing into the future with native varieties of the region, namely Ribolla Gialla, as well as their complex, structured, and inviting Sauvignon Blanc. Their roughly 130-acre estate filled with terraced slopes sitting at various elevations, filled with sandstone, marl, silt, and gravel, is perfect for growing character-driven Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is aged four months on the lees (yeasts) giving a roundness with a hint of creaminess to the profile, opening with aromas of spring herb, orange blossom, and citrus leaf, followed by tangerine, white peach, apricot, and lemonade. Great wine with seafood or shellfish, but can easily pair with roasted chicken or pork tenderloin, or lighter pasta or risotto dishes. #Cheers


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