Wine of the Day: Tio Pepe “En Rama” Fino Sherry

Not too long ago I did a post, linked here, celebrating the beauty of Sherry, proclaiming at the time that if you are not drinking Sherry wine, you are missing out. The first sip of Tio Pepe “En Rama” Fino Sherry ($16/375ml) reconfirmed this belief.

The Sherry term “En Rama” basically means to bottle the wine un-fined and un-filtered, meaning this is the truest essence of the Palomino grape used to create the dry, slightly salty, slightly floral, nutty Fino Sherry from chalky white albariza soil, capturing the character and distinction of the Jerez region.

The soil is the heart of Sherry, but the soul of Tio Pepe lies in the yeasts that create a living flor protecting the grape’s juice as it ages, delivering the iconic dry Fino flavors, the driest and palest form of Sherry produced. 2021 is the twelfth release of the wine from Spain’s distinguished Fino producer once again honoring the history of the brand and the people behind it. As the Sherry is unfiltered the Fino is slightly cloudy due to the suspension of the flor through the wine highlighted by a rich golden hay color.

The opening aromas begin the chamomile and hazelnut, ripe lemon, chalk, and fresh bread, followed by flavors of salted nuts, briny salinity, and citrus with a slightly bitter finish. The ideal aperitif, best served very cold, and paired with cured meat, salty chips and nuts, or enjoy with first courses like shellfish and seafood, spicy Thai, paella, and roasted vegetable salads. And, like all Fino Sherry wines, Tio Pepe En Rama is best consumed shortly after release, as the youthful style showcased the freshness and unique flavors of a wine bottled straight from the barrel. #Cheers