Cogill Predicts – “The Oscars”

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The 94th Annual Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday night March 27 on ABC and I suspect more surprises will happen this year than any in recent memory.

“The Power Of The Dog” leads all nominations with 12, followed by “Dune” with 10, along with “Belfast” and “West Side Story,” with 7 each.

Most film critics assume Jane Campions’ artistic, slow-burning, bullying cowboy movie will sweep most of the major categories but the recent SAG Awards would beg to differ.

There is also a momentum shift that happens when front runners are announced early and this year audiences and some critics have been quite vocal about their love for “CODA” and “West Side Story.”

To be honest, I’m clueless in a few places but will try and offer some educated insight into the top six categories. The field is wide open.

Best Supporting Actress

My personal choice is…

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