Head High Chardonnay For Our Oceans

We love a good glass of Chardonnay. We love one even more when purchasing the wine does some good for the world we live in and love, particularly our oceans. Head High Chardonnay ($20) from Sonoma Coast is fresh, rich, and inviting, combining layers of ripe apple and pear with creamy lemon curd, tropical notes of mango and pineapple, finishing with notes of vanilla and hazelnut.

Respecting the land and taking care of Mother Earth is a core commitment of Head High, building stronger communities with a cleaner environment. A portion of the proceeds from every sale going to help various organizations whose focus is also on these core values, like Sustainable Surf. Founded in 2011 the not for profit is working to reverse the destruction of our oceans due to climate change, working to regenerate the health of our oceans, and help all of us live more eco-friendly lifestyles (i.e. if you aren’t using reef-friendly sunscreen at the beach this summer please start now!)

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