What We’re Cooking Now: More Truffles

I know I have already made note of truffles recently…but they are just so darn good…and so seasonal right now. We made a recent trip out to San Francisco to surprise my sister for her 40th birthday with me and Gary cooking a feast for her and her friends.

We will get into specific menu items in an upcoming post but two things that were on the menu were my specialty brie, truffle and mushroom appetizer, and truffle mashed potatoes. I usually stop by Central Market  when I am going to make any truffle infused items and pick up some of their black truffle/mushroom paste in their prepared foods section, but of course there is no Central Market in Walnut Creek. So I packed away one of my favorite products for cooking away from home, Urbani Truffle Thrills White Truffle and Porcini paste. OHHHHH…Gary often says he just wants to keep cans of this around to dip bread in by itself, and I agree it is decadent and aromatic with subtle white truffle flavors. A great go to for truffle lovers that also don’t want to spend a lot on truffles to get the experience (each can will run you around $10-$13.) You can order online, but Jimmy’s Food Store also carries.  We have also had the Black Truffle and Pesto…incredible mixed with fresh pasta.  I have noted my brie recipe a few times.  The recipe for the truffle mashed potatoes continues in the jump.  


Truffle Mashed Potatoes
The basic recipe is just like you would make and mashed potatoes, just with the heavenly addition of truffle.

4 pounds white potatoes – peeled and chopped into cubes
Sea Salt
Fresh cracked pepper
1/2-3/4 cup whole milk or cream (we used a mix of both) + more if your potatoes are to stiff for your taste
3 1/2 oz of the Urbani White Truffle and Porcini can (reserve the rest for the brie…or for your own dipping)
Fresh parsley to finish

Fill a large pot with water and add the potatoes, season well with salt and pepper and bring the water up to a boil. Do not add the potatoes to boiling water…it makes them gooey.  Boil until very tender (about 15-20 minutes).  Drain into a colander, then add the potatoes back to the drained hot pot.  Add cream and milk and begin mashing.  Once the potatoes are almost to the texture you would like add the truffle cream and mash to your consistency.  Season with salt and pepper and serve hot with a fresh rosemary and garlic beef tenderloin.

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