Animal Adventures In The African Bush

We just finished a night drive where we came upon a male lion (Felix) and a lioness, and let me tell you, Felix was doing some courting of the young lady.  It was amazing to watch the interaction, because she really didn’t want to have anything to do with him, yet he kept pursuing.  We spent about half an hour just watching them, she would move…he would move…she would lie down…he would lie down…and on and on.  It was jaw dropping and unbelievable, to say the least. 

This is after an evening drive last night where we saw a pack of zebras playing together; wort hogs running with their young; monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys; a grand-mother, mother and baby elephant playing in the bush, and then running from another pursuant male…our fantatic guide at Kapama, Westley, kept saying that these women wanted to put us between her and her new romantic interest….personally I just wanted to make sure we weren’t lunch.  I did discover a fantastic new habit also…the sundowner…essentially it is our happy hour…with a better view.  We took ours last night overlooking a heard of water buffalo lounging.  Not a bad way to enjoy a crisp South African Sauvignon Blanc

Over breakfast a group of funny monkeys were  my dining partners, and cleverly snatched bits and pieces of anything left untouched.  The sly devils are so cute you kind of just laugh. 

We visited the collection and processing plant for Amarula today.  It is amazing how a creamy sweet liqueur can start out so tart and tangy, and highly acidic. The Marula fruit has 4-6 times the amount of acidity as an orange, and has a definite citrus flavors.  It is amazing how fermentation can turn a tangy fruit into wine that is then aged in oak barrels for two years and combined with cream to make a chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg filled spirit.  Which I am off to have another of. 

A 5am sunrise drive awaits and then on to Cape Town for an adventure in wine.  Cheers for tonight!  The camera batteries died on the way back today (thank goodness it was after the lions….)  Check back for the beautiful pics from last night and today from this amazing place.

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