We’re Exploring: Ireland

Truly the best way to describe it…but we are just getting started as we have just enjoyed two days in Dublin, including at tasty stop at Ely Wine Bar…a place I had read about because their Executive Head Chef, Ryan Stringer, was a part of the Cakebread Winery American Harvest Workshop a few years ago.  By happenstance we met the co-owner, Michelle Robson, (amazing what happens when you ask for real wine glasses…) Ely is said to be the first restaurant with a wine by the glass menu, and it is tasty but not overly difficult or extensive, in a good way.  More on on Ely, and our second restaurant of our stay, Unicorn, later. 

But mainly our time in Dublin was fantastic – historical and modern – a good mix of old and new world in a beautiful city with incredibly friendly people.   Much, much more to come….internet access is sketchy….stay tuned!