We’re Exploring: Scotland…I Found My People!!!!!

In a sense…though I have to say, the people in Ireland may be just a touch more welcoming, the overall feel of Scotland is everything I remember about my feisty yet sweet grandfather Clem…of Clan MacLellan (though I am also proud to include the Hamilton Clan in my heritage.)

After a week in Ireland Judy and Juleann returned home and I jumped even further across the pond for three days in Edinburgh by myself…a bit courageous for me (I am not a big traveler by myself) but the safe part of Edinburgh is that they do speak English…with one heck of an accent.  Of course, I have had three people say they loved my accent.  Puts things into perspective….

I check into the Caledonian Hotel, a stunning hotel where everyone calls me “my lady” and looks out on Edinburgh Castle…wow, what a view!  Though the first few days were very foggy and rainy, the sky has finally cleared and a beautiful sunset is about to take place over the castle. 

Stay tuned for a full account of our adventure in Ireland, and the past few days in Scotland, including some great single malts that would drive any one to become a Scotch drinker…tasty tasty, as well as a surprising turn….seems we have created a die hard Guinness drinker….and pictures that will make you want to jump across the pond for holiday!