My How Your Garden Grows….

Though our herbs are flourishing, with the mint now about 4 feet tall, the chives, dill, thyme, rosemary and basil are popping, but we long for the days our veggies will be ready to eat.  The storms this week has just about taken out our tomato plants, and our zucchini just keeps giving us flowers, beautiful and tasty flowers, but just flowers….

So, I take my hat off to a blooming garden and I only wish I was there to enjoy. 
My aunt Micki and her sweetie pie Rodney have a massive garden in the front of their Hill Country home.  The above photo arrived in my inbox Monday displaying their haul for Sunday morning which included beans, garlic, yellow squash and 4 kinds of peppers including pimento peppers which Micki promptly made pimento cheese with. 

We do love a good pimento cheese sandwich in my family, reminds me of the pimento cheese sandwiches on white bread we used to have with my grandmother at The Red Bird Cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I can guarantee Micki’s was much, much better though.  Cheers to a bushel of pepper fun!

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  1. Hay, hope the storm did not destroy your veggies! For my pimento cheese, I recommend Central Market roasted garlic mayonnaisse, grated Wisconsin cheddar, fresh from the garden pimentos (roasted, skinned, chopped), minced onion and a splash of pickle juice (steal from a jar of commercial pickles). LOVE YOU! Mick


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