Happy Birthday Charity:Water

This just hit my inbox and though I said it once, I will say it again, thank you to everyone who participated in our fantastic South African Braai earlier this year. It is because of you that Dallas Uncorked received this email.  It is because of your support in attending our event, along with the generous donations from our sponsors The African Experience and Lascaux Films, which allowed us to give a $1500 donation to help bring clean water to those in need around the world, along with helping the Dallas Zoo locally.

The mission is far from over, and though we are a city that supports so many charities, one of the amazing things about Dallas, please keep Charity:Water in mind, as 100% of your donations are used for water projects.  Cheers Charity:Water!

charity: water  
Today, charity: water turned five.

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In just five years we’ve raised $42 million and funded 4,282 projects in 19 countries that will provide two million people with clean drinking water.

We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

Thousands of fundraisers used their time, talent and creativity. They gave up birthdays, climbed mountains and started lemonade stands to raise money. Tens of thousands more donated, knowing 100% of their dollars will be used directly for water projects.

So today, we gave up our 5th birthday to say thank you. We spent the entire day personally thanking as many of you as we could.

This morning, we filmed this video for you at our New York headquarters.

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On behalf of two million people who will have clean water because of you, thank you.

— the charity: water team




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  1. I saw your video and it is wonderful.You enjoyed your fifth birthday with great fun and party.And red wine had definitely made your birthday .Since red wine is always delightful and makes our party full of fun


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