What A Difference a Day Makes….

There was nothing better this past Saturday than to return home to see the garden blooming, and the sheer joy on Gary’s face for the work he had done.  It was amazing to see peppers and squash and cucumbers we planted as seeds robustly blooming with vigor.

Last night around 6:45, as we were toasting with a glass of bubbly and opening birthday prizes that all came to an end as baseball size hail rained down from the sky reigning terror on the house, the car and the garden for 20-30 minutes straight.  Simply crazy and quite amazing….

Lakewood Country Club

And then, in the midst of all this destruction, the will to survive shines through….



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  1. Oh my gosh. This looks horrible. Great way to top off your birthday. But, as usual for you, you found the bloom to combat the destruction. Around here, even the hail would be welcomed.


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