We’re Exploring: Our Recipe Index

I started documenting the dinner parties Gary and I throw a little over 2 years ago on this blog, and in two years we have created a lot of recipes.  I constantly refer back to this one or that one, but often find it hard to locate exactly what I am looking for in the midst of the blog.  So, to make it a little easier, I spent the past few weeks categorizing and linking each recipe into an index found in the newly created Recipe Index page…..and still have more to do.  But, if you are looking for Blue Cheese Potato Salad?  How about the recipe for Gary’s quite famous Baked Beans? Or Truffle Mac and Cheese?  How about how to cook perfect lamb chops in literally 20 minutes?  It is all here….just start browsing.  Hopefully these ideas will inspire a little creativity in your kitchen, or at least the creation of a meal that makes your guests marvel with delight.  Cheers!

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  1. I just looked at what you have done, and, wow, what a chore and achievement. It’s hard to imagine, all those recipes coming out of that beautiful head. Well done, darling.


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