When Reality Is Better Than a Dream….

Who would have thought four and a half years ago at the first Argentine Asado at Chef Andrew’s when a handsome, funny, flirty, TV guy asked me out I would be where I am today.

And I made him work for that first date….For the next few months after that first request each time I ran into Gary he would once again ask me to join him for a glass….each time with me declining.

Finally, about 6 months into the requests, after getting to know him a little better, I said yes thinking only that we would become great friends…and, impressed by his tenacity….

That first night, on the patio of the former Il Sole I realized what a special man my sweet Gary was, and knew we would be friends for a long time.  Then he walked me to the car and with one sweet loving kiss I knew we might some day be more than that.

Now, four years later we arrive at the present, in our piece of heaven on earth…the big island of Hawaii, outside of Kona at the glorious Four Seasons Hualalai….arguably one of the most perfect places in the world, but for us even more so, as this is the place we fell in love years ago and continue to come back here….now several times a year (thank you June) to visit our Hawaiian paradise.

Last night, under the iconic beach tree Gary asked me to be his forever, and on one knee he promised to be mine.

What do you do when your reality surpasses anything you could have possibly dreamed for?


  1. Tears of great joy for my little girl. Good things come to those…..and I am so happy Gary kept on waiting and trying. Beautiful people belong together, and, this union will be spectacular.


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