The STARCK PROJECT Needs Your Help to Finish with a Smash!!!!

Early last year Gary and I attended an investment event hosted by our friends, Michael Cain and Melina McKinnon Cain, along with their other partners in THE STARCK PROJECT, as they previewed their vision for a documentary that optimized Dallas in the 1980’s, as seen through the illustrious eyes of the attendees of the STARCK CLUB.

As they noted, “Money, power, excess, and fame, 1980s Dallas had it all. At its heart was the STARCK CLUB; famous for its Philippe Starck design, notorious for legal ecstasy and infamous for its excessive lifestyle.

STARCK was the hippest nightclub of the decade, a wonderland of sophistication and ultimate playground for the rich and famous. This is the story of the STARCK CLUB, told by the people who built it, lived it, loved it – lost it. From its explosive inception, tragic crash and unexpected rebirth, STARCK symbolizes the phenomenon of the 80s: a decade lived as if there were no consequences.”

We were immediately interested, enthralled and enthusiastically made an investment.  Me a small one, Gary and his partners, much larger, and over the past many months the production team has interviewed and edited everyone from Monica Greene and Steve Stodghill to Larry Hagman and Thomas Haden Church.

Now, they are working on the music and they need your help.  The music at STARCK transformed a generation, fueling dance music and DJs around the world, especially with the legendary artists that frequented the club as regulars like Book Of Love, New Order, Talking Heads, and Devo.  Opening night featured Stevie Nicks, closing night, Grace Jones…and in the midst of it all, everyone was dancing.  Or utilizing the unisex bathrooms, the first of their kind in the country and the one element that still makes Gary blush a bit.

Now, as we near the end of editing, THE STARCK PROJECT team has started a Kickstarter Project to help raise finishing funds to ensure the sound of the film is as good as the look.  They need your help to raise $40K to acquire the music rights to 30-40 songs…and for your donation you’ll get cool prizes…everything from a sincere thank you to a credit at the end of the film.  And, if you have ever received a thank you from Michael and Melina you know the honesty and heartwarming sincerity of their words.  More information via their Kickstarter site here.