Views From a Plane

Something some may not know about my connection with Gary…we both have worked local talk/variety shows..his the much more successful of them (Good Morning Texas) and mine…well, it was good step (Positively Texas) where I met a 12 year old Beyonce so excited we had a make up department to give her glitter on her perfect cheeks.

I am 10 hours into my latest international flight and I am catching up on bad films Gary and I haven’t had to see since he doesn’t have to review anymore and turn on a film called Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams acting as a hard nosed TV producer of a morning show. I expect it to go South any minute, but the first part takes me directly on to the set of Pos Tex any day…and the many times I visited GMT, with one anchor (never my sweet love) declaring that another will not do cooking segments, or fashion segments, or arts segments, or local anything segments.

Just a funny circumstance where every show in every market…whether real or fiction…can have the same identity. Wow. Add 3 years of talent placement and 10 years at Nielsen and it is scary how true that statement it across the country.

Cheers to the world of wine, spirits and food for me; and the amazing art of creating great films that Gary thankfully stepped into. And bravo to all our friends who still work with hosts like the above described in every market across the country

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