Charities We Love: Project 7


Next time you’re strolling through your local Target, Walmart or 7-Eleven store, or are on a layover in SFO or twenty other airports across the country, consider picking up a bottle of water or pack of gum or mints from Project 7.

We are blessed to live in a world constantly changing and evolving, in many ways for good, but also a world that is in constant need, and to much is given, much is expected. Project 7 makes this easy on you with a handful of products you already need (like mints and gum, or who doesn’t need to grab a bottle of water before a flight or morning coffee) and donating a portion of the proceeds charities focused on seven different needs we see daily in American and around the world – to FEED the Hungry, HOUSE the Homeless, HEAL the Sick, TEACH them Well, QUENCH the Thirsty, SAVE the Earth, HOPE for Tomorrow.


teach-main-imgStarted in 2008 in California by Tyler Merrick with the idea to “do good on the go” through products you already need, while keeping them cost effective and competitive.

The official mission statement of the company is “to ensure everyone around the globe has access to fundamental human needs for a healthy life.”  Our basic god given rights, though so many don’t have access to basic needs like clean water or medication. Project 7 hopes to change that. And the work so far is impressive.

feed-main-imgSince the company started Project 7 has donated enough for over 31,000 people to have received treatments for Malaria, 32,000+ days of shelter for the homeless, over 40,000 people have received clean water for one year.  Just this year alone from January – March over 104,000 meals have been given to the hungry through organizations like Feeding America and The Children’s Hunger Fund.

The smart thing Merrick did was create a company around products you already use, so giving becomes easy…almost a no-brainer. The cause on the product you buy is the cause that is helped – each product is packaged to represent each cause so you can chose a “FEED the Hungry” water bottle or a “QUENCH the Thirsty” water bottle, and help support that individual need.  And products are good for the earth too – each water bottle is biodegradable within 5 years or can be recycled, and many are made in America.


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