We’re Toasting: Coach June Jones III

June, me and Gary at our Dallas Uncorked dinner for the June Jones Foundation in 2012
June, me and Gary at our 2012 Dallas Uncorked dinner for the June Jones Foundation

Gary and I are very blessed.  We toast this every single day, mainly feeling blessed for each other…for Yoda…and for the amazing family and friends that we have, especially as so many of them do so much for so many others, us included. One in particular is our friend Coach June Jones III.

I doubt very seriously that as Gary and June were growing up in Portland, Oregon they would have ever thought that they would still be friends 50 years later living in Dallas. So, the two would have been friends if for no other reason than they have been friends since they were children, however, happily the two giving souls are friends also because of kind hearts and generous spirits…and somehow I am lucky to be a part of the mix, delving into this friendship and supporting his causes by hosting an annual Dallas Uncorked dinner for June’s foundation each year.

Over the past few years of I have learned more and more about his foundation which helps kids locally, though his mentorship program – Urban You Turn and abroad, mainly with kids in Samoa, Hawaii and throughout the Polynesian community, and his dedication to teaching and guiding these youth from adolescence to adulthood. A big part of June’s heart lies with the people of Polynesia, which we can relate to, and we are so proud of him and his latest accomplishment within their community winning the inaugural Polynesian Football Hall of Fame Founders Award at their first induction ceremony last week. Bravo my friend.

Follow the link above to learn more about the organization and this link to see and hear more of the ceremony.


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