We’re Toasting: The Big Spoon

big spoon

I ran into Austin based film-maker/writer/actress, Mallory Culbert, the other evening at a friend’s gathering and started talking about her latest project, a somewhat dark comedy about relationships…love relationships, friendships and the relationship you have with yourself….and really what makes each work, called The Big Spoon, filming soon with an almost entirely female cast and crew in Austin….the female angle is interesting as we still don’t see this one too often in the film industry.

The budget is small, but the cast and crew are seasoned, talented and focused and working with a great script.
The team behind the production is at the very end of their Kickstarter project, hoping to meet their budget goal of $35,000….they are at $24,000 now with only 3 days to go. Take a look at their Kickstarter page here, if you have an interest please give them a little something…but don’t delay – the funding project ends Saturday.