We’re Toasting: Mi Cocina

And your Lakewood location!

Everyone has busy lives…I get it.  But the last two months have been simply in sane for me and Gary. From film fests to fund raisers to anniversary parties to traveling to charity events and more travel, our schedules have been non-stop…as is typical for many living in Dallas these days, but my cooking at home has suffered….as I am sure some of you have noticed in my minimal recipe posting lately. However, the wonderful beauty of Gary is that he is up for a grilled chicken Mico Rico salad with a side of steamed corn tortillas and salsa just about every other night…and I am too.

Thank you Mi Cocina for putting in your Lakewood location last year. Having our take-out so close makes it entirely too easy for me to agree to, but there is nothing better as we settle in for our one night of quiet on a Sunday for True Detective or Game of Thrones and our favorite Mico Ricos, and thank you for dealing with my special order requests so pleasantly.  I can’t wait till Sunday…..