We’re Toasting: Gary Cogill This Week at Edgemere Talking Movies You Must See

I love the life my Gary has led. From working as a film critic for 24 years with WFAA-TV, to hosting “Good Morning Texas,” to covering the Dallas performing arts scene, to entering into the film world on the other side as a producer, Gary Cogill has had quite a few amazing experiences…a sentiment we often remark on, saying that we get to do amazing things.

Though with all the fun, he often mentions one of his favorite things to do is simply open a great bottle of wine with friends, old and new, and enjoy a glass with a great conversation.

Wednesday afternoon he will do just that at Edgemere Retirement Community…well, a part of that. Wine isn’t included, but the conversation will be great, and free to anyone who wants to join him. The community is dubbing it a chance to get the full list of films you must see with the guy that knows. Gary as he has seen everything, and can lead you in the right movie-loving direction.

Edgemere is a first class facility, specializing in luxury accommodations for those with a discerning taste. Each month they bring in a variety of speakers to both entertain and inform their residents. Knowing how loved in the community they are opening up this event to the public. Take the time to stop by and say hi. Though the event is free, you do need to register for a ticket. Do so by clicking here. Additional details available there as well.


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