We’re Voting! Live Love Pop

live love pop

If ever there was a time to show some Live, Love, Pop affection it is now!  I have written before about this incredible, healthy snack started by Dallas girl, Lauren Brundage, who set out to create a delicious, tasty snack that could be indulged in any day without guilt. Voila, Live Love Pop All-Natural Popcorn was born.

Now, this dynamic, darling girl has earned a spot as a finalist in Martha Stewart’s impressive “American Made” contest. Voting started last week and runs through October 15, so if you love her Tuffle Salt, or Chile Lime, or simple Sea Salt Live Love Pop as much as I do (and I know you do,) you have a chance to really help her achieve a great step in taking her product to the next level. Vote here.

Why is Live Love Pop the prefect “American Made” product. “American Made means opportunity, growth, and sharing the love, happiness, and many smiles that Live Love Pop has to offer to America. We pop deep in the heart of Texas and love that popcorn has been one of America’s favorite snacks for centuries,” said Lauren in her “American Made” questionnaire.

If you haven’t tried this tasty treat, pick up a bag at Pogo’s, Green Grocer or have it delivered from Artizone.  These are just a few of the many, many spots it is available in Dallas.
Well done Lauren, wishing you lots of luck and Live Love Pop love!

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