We’re Toasting: New Spirits on The Broadcast


It is great to be in Texas because besides being one of the largest wine drinking states in the country, we also love a good cocktail, making Texas a top market to release new spirits in. Early this week I spoke about a few of them with Amy on The Broadcast. Here are a few that should be on your favorite liquor store shelves now or very shortly.

Snow Leopard Vodka from Poland is made from Spelt grain, a 5000 year old grain that is an uncommon base for vodka yet giving it a very distinct nutty characteristics, perfect if a dry martini with a twist is your go to cocktail. Flavors of vanilla, honey and caramel also fill the palate with a very smooth finish. This vodka goes beyond great taste though, 15% of the profits of every bottle goes to helping save the nearly extinct snow leopard. Only 3500 remain in the world now and this product has a defined mission to change that through their premium vodka. $38 at Spec’s.

Patron is one of the most popular tequila brands in the business, but they wanted to create a product that truly showcased true agave flavor and payed homage to the traditional process of crushing agave to make tequila. Roca Patron does just that. Roca, or rock in Spanish, refers to the stone wheel (or tahona) which was traditionally used to crush the cooked agave in the production of tequila. The sustainably produced Roca Patron is slightly higher in alcohol than regular Patron, and also delivers a clean, fresh palate which is key for tequila lovers. Silver, Reposado and Anejo are produced with the Anejo being a favorite for its floral agave notes, mixed with caramel, spice and vanilla from the American bourbon oak aging for 14 months. $90 at Pogo’s.

Parton also recently released their Patron XO Cafe Incendio, a blend of Mexican arbol chile, Criollo chocolate and Patron silver tequila for a sweet and spicy liquor that is ideal of sipping on its own, added to your evening coffee or made into cocktails, perfect for this autumnal season.

Incendio Vanilla Martini
2 parts Incendio
1 part vanilla vodka
Preparation: Add both to an ice filled cocktail shaker and shake until very cold. Serve up with a sprinkle of cinnamon. (I am warning you…this is dangerously good.)

Troy & Sons aims to please any spirit loving palate, from the smooth vodka lovers to hearty scotch drinkers with a soft, smooth and very approachable Blonde Whiskey. Made from heirloom wheat and corn, aged in honeycomb laced oak barrels, using the smoothest cuts of the grain, the caramel, honey and vanilla filled spirit is approachable and fresh, delicious on its own or in seasonal cocktails.

Blonde Cider
1 part Blonde Whiskey
2 parts apple or pumpkin cider
1 part club soda
Preparations: Add all to an ice filled rocks glass, stir and enjoy.

Reyka Vodka takes the best of its surroundings and add it to their crystal clear, very clean Icelandic vodka. Made in small batches using geo-thermal energy and arctic spring water the brand defines themselves by their clean, impurity-free process making a refreshing, clean product. $22 at Spec’s.