We’re Toasting: Holiday Spirits on The Broadcast


It is down to the wire, and you need a great gift that will impress and be a welcome treat at any holiday gathering. This morning on The Broadcast I shared a few tasty spirit ideas if you need a few last minute gifts, each one unique and special.

Deep Eddy, the Austin based vodka producer, using real Texas ingredients in their 10 times distilled, super smooth spirit. Right after the first of the year they are releasing their latest flavor, Real Lemon, a pure citrus expression with juicy, fresh fruit flavors and a smooth profile. If you are in or around their Dripping Springs distillery you can pick up a bottle now for about $20, otherwise give your favorite vodka lover a bottle of their incredible Real Grapefruit vodka with an I.O.U. Will be in liquor stores right after the first of the year.

Martin Miller’s utilizes some of the finest spring water for their premium Gin, pure Icelandic Spring water. Founded in 1999 the English distilled gin specializes in producing a refreshing spirit, filled with traditional herbal flavors. Using pure Icelandic Spring water, the cleanest, purest water available, allows the true herbal and botanical flavors to shine through the spirit. The 90 Proof Westbourne Strength is a nod to where the brand was conceived, Westbourne Grove in London. The Westbourne Strength is the richer of the two, perfect for creating cocktails, but if the straight Gin and Tonic lover is on your list, the 80 Proof will please. Both available at Spec’s, Westbourne Strength $36.

For the Single Malt scotch lover The Macallan Rare Cask, a ruby colored single malt aged in handpicked, Spanish sherry seasoned oak casks. The use of both Spanish oak and the extensive aging of Oloroso Sherry prior to aging The Macallan adds an richness to the single malt, creating flavors of dried orange peel, brown spices like nutmeg and clove, vanilla and toasted caramel. $300

Dulce Vida Extra Anejo Special Edition 5 year Aged Premium Tequila is100% organic, 100% blue agave and 100 proof. Floral and special, this tequila aged five years in oak, that was previously used by Napa Valley’s Rombauer Winery for aging wine, the spirit balances floral and spice notes with dried citrus and caramel for a smooth, lingering, and delicious finish. A Texas based spirit with complexity, character and great personality truly reflecting the best of the state. $169 available at PK’s.

For those that love an after-dinner drink –

Amarula, a cream liquor created in South Africa from the ancient, and honored, marula fruit that is traditionally used in use in aromatherapy, homeopathic medicines and is believed to help bring fertility in the culture and to ward off bad spirits. When fermented and mixed with cream the potent fruit creates a sweet, spicy and rich liqueur that is amazing on its own, with chocolate liqueur or poured over ice cream. $20 at Goody-Goody

Cointreau Noir, for an extra special orange liqueur try the Cointreau Noir created by blending their treasured orange liqueur with quality cognac for a rich and luxurious spirit that is incredible sipped neat on its own. $40.


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  1. OHHHH- I LOVE this!!! Thank you for doing this segment. The Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka makes my mouth drool…I can’t wait for the first of the year! Are you still thinking of doing a NYE event at Knife?? Chris and I would be very interested if you are doing it!! And, we hope to make it Christmas Eve…My brother Travis is coming in town and only here for 3 days, but he also goes to sleep early so we think we may be able to slip away around 9’ish like the Winspears. LOVE you so much, Ashlee


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