Wine of the Day: Jordan Chardonnay

There are a few key elements required for embracing a life well-lived, great food, great wine, great friends, and great conversations. Jordan Vineyards & Winery owner, John Jordan, agrees, ensuring anyone opening a bottle of his Jordan Wines tastes the passion, dedication, and hospitality his parents committed themselves to when creating the winery over forty years ago. The winery has hung their hat on just two wines since they started, Alexander Vallery Cabernet Sauvignon and Russian River Chardonnay, a rare thing in Sonoma today, and over the past 40 years they have proven two is all you need when the wines are this good.

Jordan Winery

That doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels, instead, it means you are constantly growing, innovating, elevating, and experiencing new ways to take these wines to the next level while ensuring optimal enjoyment, whether you are enjoying a Jordan wine on its own catching up with your best friends, or paired with anything from lobster pot pie, Texas ribeyes, or a platter of baby garden veggies, creamy Brie, charcuterie.

With that in mind, Jordan celebrates their 40th anniversary vintage of Chardonnay this year with the 2019 Jordan Chardonnay ($36) unveiling a new closure for the wine. There is nothing worse than opening a bottle of wine and finding the cork closure has tainted the wine, a reality more common from the use of classic corks in wine bottles than you would probably imagine and a problem that wineries all over the world battle. After extensive research and limited trials, Jordan has released their 2019 Chardonnay under  Origine by Diam cork closure crafted from cork and beeswax, wonderfully guaranteed to be taint-free.

Elegant and inviting, Jordan Chardonnay opens with aromas of apple and lemon blossom, green fig, and marzipan, followed by flavors of green apple, crisp Asian pear, blanched almond, juicy lemon and tangerine, with a creamy essence wrapped in toasted spice and subtle oak. Pair with any type of seafood or shellfish from lump crab cakes, butter-poached lobster, steamed halibut, or fish and chips. Also ideal with summer pasta, fresh vegetables, creamy risotto, or roasted chicken.

Jordan Chardonnay with pickled veggies and red-pepper sushi